Nintendo advised Ubisoft not to release the Mario + Rabbids sequel until the next Nintendo console

despite of Mario + Rabbids sparks of hope Critically acclaimed, it was a commercial disappointment for Ubisoft. At first, the company pointed to the changing behavior of players as the reason, since they would gravitate more towards the big, established names and the service’s games, but now CEO Yves Guillemot has admitted there’s likely another reason.

During an interview, Guillemot said that Ubisoft was advised by Nintendo not to release the Mario + Rabbids sequel until the next Nintendo console, and to keep it to just one game for the Nintendo Switch. After all, Nintendo knew from experience that a game with a similar experience in the same generation could last for a long time, especially with Nintendo platforms, and releasing a second Mario + Rabbids game would be far from optimal.

However, at Ubisoft they ignored this advice, with known consequences. Of course, lessons will be learned from this in the future and they won’t give up on Mario + Rabbids anyway. Nintendo’s next console will also feature Mario + Rabbids (although that could also be a polished version of Spars of Hope) and there’s still new content for the current version.

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