Nintendo shows off more invisibility badges in Super Mario Bros. miracle

Can you complete the entire game as the invisible Mario?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be released later this month on October 20th. As the release approaches, Nintendo is showing off more and more gameplay on social media. For example, Nintendo of America’s This badge makes Mario and his friends invisible. The video can be watched below:

In Super Mario Bros. Surprisingly, you collect all kinds of badges in the levels that can give you as a player certain advantages or disadvantages. The advantage of the Invisibility Badge is that enemies cannot see you and therefore cannot perform separate attacks, but you as the player are also unable to see yourself. Using this badge seems to be a fun challenge (sprint) for die-hard Mario fans who usually find the games too easy.

In Super Mario Bros. Last month’s Wonder Direct we saw more of these badges. You can purchase these badges from a flower shop with special flower coins. You can also unlock them by completing special badge challenges. Do you plan to use badges a lot when Super Mario Bros. Will the wonder arrive at your door on October 20? Let us know in the comments!

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