Metroid Prime is being redesigned as 2D Metroidvania

The Metroid Prime series is great, but there’s just something about the classic 2D exploration that FPS games lack. My mind was merged into Prime 2D– Totally free fangame game that turns Metroid Prime into modern roguelike game.

The first demo was posted on the team’s forums, originally in the form of an April Fools’ joke, before turning it into the real thing. You can visit various sites from Tallon Overworld to Chozo Ruins and Artifact Temple and enjoy a beautiful artistic jungle setting and stunningly arid landscape. If nothing else, developer Team SCU has a strong ability to sense the little aliens for whom the series is known.

The controls take some getting used to since there is no tutorial or way to display them, but the general keys are as follows: A / D – move left / right, S – crouch, Q – clear mask, distance – jump, mouse to aim, click Left-click and right-click Scan. Pressing S twice spins the ball, and that’s it. Use aim and aim according to full rotation Metroid Database-When you play and you’re done, something is outside the credits.

This is the practical presentation:

Prime 2D is another show in a growing parade of demakes, from Bloodborne as Zelda to Deadly Premonition on the Game Boy. If you want more in a genre that isn’t closely related, we have the best soul games and best space games.

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