Live Blog: “AstraZeneca Consultation Next Week”, Vaccine Specialist Van Tom, for the first time, infections are falling

In recent days, both the Netherlands and Germany have decided to stop administering the astrogenic vaccine to those under 60 years of age. The eleventh chapter of the story of AstraZeneca raises questions for many. Vaccine Pierre von Tomme (UAntwerp), which is also a member of the High Health Council and the Vaccine Working Group, outlines how it works.

“When Europe approved the vaccine, many countries realized that there was insufficient data on its effectiveness in people over the age of 55, including ours, so the vaccine was initially only given to those under that age. The vaccine has been shown to be effective in people between the ages of 75 and 80. Since then, the vaccine has been given to many people over the age of 18 in many countries, including ours. “

Since then, some rare cases of thrombosis have come to light. Some countries have since begun to make their own decisions, and have stopped vaccinating without waiting for advice from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). In the end, the benefits of the vaccine outweighed the risks of side effects, with many countries relaunching the vaccine. Now we see again that countries are starting to make decisions again. And it gives people a lot of doubts because why does one country block it and another country does it? By? “

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