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Willem Schinkel presents himself as a professor in his contribution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (O&D, 28/10). Not as an opinionated citizen. I would expect a scholarly contribution from such a person and not a piece built entirely on his assumptions. What is he based on, for example, when he talks about the nature of “anti-Islamic racism” in Europe and Hamas’s “offer” for a ceasefire that the West has been calling for for years (because that is always evil in Europe). The eyes of this world) were ignored. Hamas has only one solution: to destroy Israel. Schinkel should also mention this in his arguments, as well as the fact that this fanatical club has already been responsible for countless deaths. They blew up the peace agreements by bombing buses carrying passengers. They have recently carried out massacres against civilians who attacked them while they were sleeping. For decades, fanatics in Israel have made it possible to destroy any reasonable dialogue about peace, with daily terrorism against Palestinians being their weak point. Unfortunately, Schinkel does not seek a solution to this terrible conflict. His disgust for countries where he is allowed to practice his profession without any effort is his only motivation to pour more fuel on major trouble spots. I cannot call this science.


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