Want to run Google Meet? It can now be a bit safer

Meetings while walking the dog or on the train? This can now be done a little easier using Google Meet’s Simple Mode. This is a simplified version of the app, with the aim of ensuring that you can also participate in the meeting on the go, without being too distracted.

Mode on the go

The mode is called “On-the-go” and it offers a simpler interface. The app notices by your movement that you are on the road and you can set it to automatically switch to this simpler version of the app. Google He writes: “We’re introducing a new, streamlined mobile experience that makes taking calls on the go easier and less distracting. When you join Google Meet from your mobile device, we automatically detect if you’re moving and ask you to use On-the-go mode.

Here are the modifications you can expect in this mode:

  • Simplified user interface with access to the most important functions such as mute, unmute, raise hand and audio device selection.
  • Only important information is displayed, such as the active speaker and the number of people participating in the conversation.
  • Your video will be disabled automatically.
  • You have the option to view submitted content.

Google is dead

Google is dead

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool that anyone with a Google account can use. You can hold an online meeting with up to 100 d..

Google is dead

So the camera is not on, so you don’t have to worry about how you look or what can be seen around you. In addition, you cannot see others, but it is possible to see what is presented. Useful, because it means you won’t have to miss anything from the meeting. However, keep in mind that presentations sometimes appear very small on your phone, so you’ll have to zoom in to see them better. Be careful if you do this while walking: it’s best to grab a seat and take a look at what it’s all about.

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Have you ever used Google Meet when walking the dog, driving the car, or while on the road? Share it now in the comments.

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