No nonsense: Claudio sells communications

Because businessman Geert van Erum was tired of paying a lot of money to marketing and communications agencies that excelled at vague consulting and vague stories without results, he decided to start his own agency. To give it some body, “road companion” Claudio Soisin was placed at the wheel. Don’t try – No Bullshit Agency Launched, as is the full name of the new marketing agency.

Gert Van Erum from i3-Group from Diest has been a passionate entrepreneur for 33 years. “I’ve worked with countless marketing agencies over that period,” he says. “As my business grew, marketing spending also increased significantly. But after a thorough analysis, a worrying trend emerged: a large part of the budget was wasted on vague consultations and ambiguous and ambiguous stories that had no meaning or results. After the recent disaster with one of the largest Belgian agencies “I got tired of it and started thinking about creating my own alternative.”

Claudio Swegsen, whose route regularly intersected with that of Geert van Erum, was immediately on board. He was happy to help develop a new agency. “Marketing should be about growth, about real results that help businesses move forward. So our approach is clear and straightforward. The real deal, that’s what we’re after. No big words or endless pitches, but tangible actions with results you can see.” And it feels fulfilling.”

Startup Name: Don’t Try – No Bullshit Agency. “Star Wars fans will recognize it,” laughs Claudio (photo). “It’s all about trust. You want to work with people who are doing something, not with people who say they’re going to try to do something. A world of difference.”

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No nonsense, as the startup is commonly called, starts with a team of 5 professionals. The customer base targets SMEs, initially from Limburg, Flemish Brabant and Kempen. “We are ready. With our bones, on the field: immediate action from the first second. No nonsense…”, concludes Claudio.

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