Noordoostpolder wants to continue extensive local cooperation for a healthy life

The agreement is a collaboration between dozens of local partners from education, healthcare, sports, neighborhoods, villages, the business community and the municipality itself. In addition, contact has been made with the local Sports and Exercise Convention.

Stakeholders want to make an effort together to help residents get more exercise, good nutrition, mental health, substance abuse, and communication. With the signature, the Commission wants to contribute to a quick start to implementation. Support has been requested from the government so that it can implement the measures. The municipality will hear soon if it will receive this support.

Working on health is important

Measures against COVID-19 make working on the health and mental resilience of Noordoostpolder residents all the more important. In addition, the Prevention Agreement is in line with the municipality’s efforts to help residents adopt a healthier lifestyle (WMO Sub-Plan and Public Health). This focus on positive health means taking a broad view of healthy living and people’s ability to deal with life’s physical, emotional and social challenges.

Drafting a National Prevention Convention

In 2018, the National Prevention Agreement was signed by nearly 70 national civil society organizations and governments. A healthier Netherlands in 2040 was the goal. The central government encourages municipalities to implement them locally and provides funds for this. The Dutch Association of Municipalities has advised the government favorably on the draft agreement for the Noordoostpolder.

Residents and organizations who also want to take part in the agreement can register on the municipality’s website: Agreement.

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