North Korea calls Pelosi a “destroyer of international peace and stability” | Abroad

Pelosi visited the South Korean capital of Seoul and became the largest US political official to visit the DMZ since former President Donald Trump met North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un there in 2019.

Prior to that visit, the House Speaker had already met her South Korean counterpart Kim Jin-pyo. At the time, she expressed concern about North Korea’s nuclear program, among other things. Together, the two called for a “strong and comprehensive deterrence” against North Korea.

According to Pyongyang, Pelosi is clarifying the “current US administration’s hostile view” toward North Korea, the North Korean government said in a statement. “The United States is only pouring oil on the fire, and Pelosi is the ‘greatest destroyer of international peace and stability,'” the statement read. “The trouble she has caused everywhere would have cost the United States dearly.”
Nancy Pelosi also visited Taiwan earlier this week, after which China began large-scale military exercises in the region in response. Beijing considers Taiwan a breakaway province.

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