Truss Vs Sunak: Who will be the new Prime Minister of England?

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In exactly one month, the British will have a new head of state. According to polls, Secretary of State Liz Truss is the favorite. His opponent, Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, was given a chance to impress members of the Conservative Party in a televised debate on Thursday evening.

Liz Truss is a frontrunner for conservatives. (PA)

“Not only is Liz Truss leading the race for Downing Street, but her lead is now so strong that the public is wondering whether it would be a good idea for Sunak to voluntarily throw in the towel,” said Leah Van Beghoven, a UK correspondent for the debate.

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There’s a good reason for that lead, Van Beckhoven thinks. Ahead of the debate, the Bank of England warned of a prolonged recession, and a potential prime minister appeared decisive in the Truss debate. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of the dress among party members. Like Boris Johnson, she is a firm believer.’

‘Economic Devils’

Van Begoven continues: ‘The Bank of England’s predictions may not materialize’, he says, and ‘a Prime Minister Truss could exorcise the economic devils’. So she takes a different approach than Sunak.

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According to van Beckowen, Sunak had a more realistic view of the British monetary situation; He says all the lights are red in the British economy because of inflation. ‘Where Sunak brings more of the same, Truss is serious. Someone who likes change, as he has changed his own position on Brexit, Ukraine, the monarchy and over the years.

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According to Van Bekoven, the choice now rests with Conservative Party members. ‘The choice is for a sensible, consistent candidate who makes the same promises and a more unpredictable, exciting prospect who takes more risks. Sunak was the winner of the debate, but Truss still has the best chance after Johnson.’

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