Van Mosel establishes itself in the UK and adds 8 brands to its portfolio

Von Mosel’s CEO Eric Berghoff had already announced that he was negotiating a takeover in the United Kingdom. Now it’s official: Van Mosel is taking over the Jacksons Group in the United Kingdom and adding eight brands to its portfolio.

After acquiring the German dealer group Hugo Pfohe, von Mosel further confirmed his ambitions for European growth with the announcement of the acquisition of Jacksons, one of the largest British dealer groups. Jacksons employs 500 people and represents 29 brands, selling around 6,000 cars a year and generating revenues of 250 million euros.

Of the 29 brands distributed by Jacksons, eight are new to Van Mosel: Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW Cars and Motorcycles, Honda Motorcycles, Lexus, Mini, Porsche and Toyota.

“The acquisition of Jacksons Group is the next step in the growth of Von Mosel Automotive Group,” said Eric Berkoff, CEO of Von Mosel. “CEO Paul Collier and his team have built a great business in the British Isles and we believe we can make it even better by investing in facilities and product offerings.

Paul Collier was also pleased with the deal. “Negotiations took some time. But I am confident that Van Mossel’s investment and expertise will further improve our performance and service. All employees will be retained to facilitate the growth of this unique company.

The acquisition was submitted to the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (JCRA).

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