“Not Dead Yet” reminds me of “The Good Place”

Each month, one of our editors recommends must-watch shows. A series you watched in one day, a movie or a documentary that you just can’t put down. Watch TV editor and die-hard viewer asking “Not Dead Yet” on Disney+ in one go.

What is the theme of “not dead yet”?

Journalist Neil Serrano gave up everything for love five years ago And moved to the UK. Now that her relationship is on the rocks, she’s back in the States and has to get her life back on track. She takes a job at the newspaper where she writes obituaries, and suddenly the dead are in front of her…

Featured Character: Neil

Ever since I saw Gina Rodriguez in “Someone Great,” I’ve been a huge fan of the talented actress. This feeling is only reinforced by the words “he’s not dead yet.” Her character Nell is a down-to-earth journalist who has had some life setbacks recently and has to find her way back. This is something I partially identify with at the moment and that is also why I feel connected to her. Throughout the series, Nell learns a lot about herself in a humorous and slightly terrifying way and discovers where she wants to go. This is very nice and encouraging to see.

Why should you definitely watch it?

The sitcom is funny, but at the same time it has some important messages conveyed by, among other things, the dead that Nell sees every time she has to write a new obituary. This makes the series not only fun to watch, but also fun and heartwarming. It reminds me a bit of “The Good Place,” from which I instantly devoured all seasons. And the best part is that the story continues, because there will also be a second season of Not Dead Yet!

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‘Not Dead Yet’ is now available to stream on Disney+.

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