Nothing for the phone (1) and the new Google Nest Hub

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Official: OnePlus 10 Pro coming to Europe next week

The OnePlus 10 Pro It was released in China a while ago, but it’s funny that we had to wait for the smartphone in Europe. That will change soon, because the flagship will be released here as well on Thursday, March 31st. Customers can then pre-order the phone on the spot. OnePlus 10 Pro is following the release OnePlus 9 Pro The reference appeared about a year ago. This concerns the official launch; We don’t know yet when the OnePlus 10 Pro will actually be on sale. During the event, which can be followed via live broadcast, we’ll likely hear about the release date and what the 10 Pro will cost.

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No Phone (1) Coming: Summer with Nothing OS

none phone (1)

During an online event, Carl Pei, who was with oneplus A well-known business that his company no thing Coming with a smartphone later this year. Phone (1) is the first device from the manufacturer, which is supposed to appear sometime “this summer”. Nothing reveals the release date nor does it show what the phone will look like. The company informs you that the phone (1) runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, just like most Android devices. It’s still unclear exactly which Snapdragon processor it is, so we don’t know if Phone (1) will be a high-end device or a cheaper smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy A52s has major problems after Android 12 update

Samsung Galaxy A52s Review

The Samsung Galaxy A52s It is one of the most powerful and popular mid-range smartphones of 2021. However, the fast performance of the device seems to be over for many users after installing the device. Android 12-Update. Several Samsung forums have complained about the slow animation and choppy interface. This makes the device feel sluggish – during this Android 11 Not so. In addition to low performance, new battery issues are also causing great inconvenience among Galaxy A52s users. Some people have discounted the high screen refresh rate as a “solution”, but this doesn’t seem to help much. There is also talk of minor bugs, such as a malfunctioning proximity sensor.

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New Google Nest Hub gets a detachable tablet

Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub (2nd generation) It’s now almost a year old so it looks like it’s time for a new release. Usually trusted site 9to5Google He heard from a source that the search giant is working on a new “smart screen”. The big innovation will be a detachable screen, so that the Nest Hub will also act as a tablet. This makes it seem that the Nest Hub (2022) has become a more versatile device, because you can use it as a smart speaker as well as a tablet. It comes in handy when you want to search for something on the big screen, or you simply want to visit a website. When you’re done, you can connect the screen to the speaker again.

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Samsung Galaxy A53 updates: This is how long the phone is updated

Samsung Galaxy A53

with the Galaxy A53 Samsung brings success and popularity Galaxy A52 From. The smartphone is improved in several points: the processor is faster, the battery is larger and the screen is brighter. But perhaps most important: the Galaxy A53 gets longer software updates. As a result, users can count on Android updates for years to come with new features and security patches that prevent hackers. But how long will the Samsung Galaxy A53 be updated exactly? The company pledges to provide the phone with Android version updates for four years, and it will receive security patches for five years.

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