Space Marine 2 beta is no longer ongoing

Space Marine 2 is coming in September, but you can’t start it early. The Warhammer shooter will no longer receive a beta. That was the plan, but developer Saber Interactive decided to skip it to ensure time could be spent putting the finishing touches on the final game.

Beta testing is usually an important step, especially with a multiplayer game like this. After all, you don’t just want to test the game’s performance technically: server capacity is also an important factor. On the other hand, the developer has undoubtedly made a good decision: it wants to keep the development teams focused on the game, and not distract them with the beta. The studio says that people who sign up for the beta can expect to get the Bolt Pistol skin.

Space Marine 2 is the successor to Space Marine, which dates back to 2011. In principle, this successor will be released in 2023, but that will continue until 2024. September is the month when you can go out with your space marine. Now this will be even more exciting, because so little of the game has been seen previously. On Steam, fans are speculating that Saber Interactive may want to hide the game from players for all sorts of reasons. At the same time, it is also too late to cancel the beta, but if the game development benefits, we will reap the benefits in September.

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