“Notorious food pirate” arrested: Dutchman ate in a restaurant 127 times without paying | outside

Last weekend, a 58-year-old man from Delft was caught cunningly trying to avoid paying his bill in a restaurant. Soon after it emerged he had actually left a restaurant 127 times in recent years without paying.

Bartender Mike Hoogeveen was at work when he struck the man again at a downtown restaurant. “He gave all kinds of tours to visitors to our businesses. He ate and drank everything together.

At some point the man started shaking his arm. He thought he was having a stroke and called 911. The ambulance arrived quickly, but the ambulance crew was unsure of the situation. They refused to take the man to the hospital. When the man refused to pay, the restaurant called the police.

“He thought he could get a bill worth more than a hundred euros by pretending to be a sick person,” said waiter Hoogeveen. The restaurant filed a report against the man.

“civilian process”

A police spokesman confirmed that the man was known as the “notorious food pirate” in several catering establishments in Delft. “Civil proceedings had been initiated before, but because the man remained busy, we took action last weekend,” police said.

It is currently unclear whether the man is still in custody and whether he will eventually have to pay the outstanding bills.

Mr. Bowman, 79, has been eating at a restaurant every day for 60 years: “Cook it yourself? I don’t even know how to do it.” (+)

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