Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson (73 years old) also surrenders | American Elections

Hutchinson says he was not supported by Republican voters. He received only 191 of 110,298 votes in Iowa, meaning he did not win a single electoral vote. By comparison, former President and current presidential candidate Donald Trump won the caucus by 56,260 votes.

During the Republican primaries, approximately 2,500 electoral votes are distributed. The candidate with the most electoral votes in June will face incumbent President Joe Biden in November.

The former governor says he supports the campaign he ran, but realizes he was unable to convince voters. “My message of being a principled, experienced Republican and telling the truth about the current front-runner did not resonate in Iowa,” he said in a statement. “You answered every question, warned the GOP (Republican Party, ed.) of the dangers in 2024 and gave hope for the future of our country.”

Just like millionaire Ramaswamy, it’s over. Ramaswamy announced yesterday that he was withdrawing from the race after also recording a disappointing result in the Iowa caucus. He concluded: “There is no way for me to be the next president.”

Hutchinson launched his campaign in 2023 but failed to build momentum. Furthermore, he had little financial support from sponsors and did not meet the requirements to participate in any of the Republican primary debates. During those debates, the candidates can debate with each other. The septuagenarian was also the first Republican Party candidate to call on Trump to step down. He thought Trump had distracted his campaign and all the lawsuits he was involved in too much from the problems of the American people.

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