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Following their mini Pukkelpop invasion tour last summer, Giant Rooks returned to our country yesterday. The quintet from the German city of Hamm has been traveling since the beginning of the month and crossing Europe to release their new album how have you been suggestion. Especially since the band found a following on TikTok, Giant Rooks’ star has shined like never before and sold-out venues are a logical consequence. Fortunately, the five are not fooled by their success and remain close to their fans. In Brussels they concluded the first part of their extensive tour with an entertaining concert at a sold-out Ancienne Belgique Box where the focus on new and old material was well split.

Austria isn’t immediately known as a music exporting country, although perhaps Sharktank could change that. The trio from Vienna may have already released two albums, but yesterday they showed some urgency as a support act for Giant Rooks. Two inflatable figures colored the stage, while Sharktank did the same with their music. The dichotomy between indie and hip-hop seemed like an unconventional fusion of blackwave. Wolf Alice. Anyway, in terms of energy, it fits perfectly into the spirit of Giant Rooks, and although not every song was an immediate hit, the whole thing was really well put together. However, their latest single “Boogieman” did well and showed a promising new direction for the band. By the way, they can make it happen at Eurosonic on Friday, so who knows, we might see them again in the near future.

They attach great importance to German punctuality, for at a quarter to nine the Five crossed the smoke wearing the red light. The smoke hadn’t even settled before Giant Rooks started playing the first notes of “For You.” As a melodramatic opening, sparks figuratively flew into the Red Room and that spark easily spread to the audience. The timid attitude of the fans quickly gave way to enthusiasm and that was exactly what a song like “Heat Up” needed. While it was very cold outside, it was nice and warm inside, even without a campfire. An intimate version of “Bright Lies” certainly wouldn’t have been out of place at that campfire, but even in all its glory the song did what it had to do. Front singer Fred Rapp carried the song on his shoulders, but allowed the audience to join in during the chorus.

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A new album means a lot of new songs and the latest single “Pink Skies” cannot be left out. As summer turned to winter, we were already looking forward to the Summer Festival and the carefree atmosphere that comes with it. One generous fan from the front row was happy to give the band a little extra attention, both literally and figuratively, and the gesture was met with a lot of love. Fred Rapp frolicked above the crowd like a butterfly during the subsequent “Bedroom Exile,” a song that, just like on Pukkelpop, stood out for its frivolous atmosphere. There was little of this frivolity in Cold Wars, although the mood changes worked very well. The song started out very small, but eventually blossomed more and more, while AB was surrounded by a sea of ​​lights. In other words, the other side of Giant Rooks was also there.

About four years ago, the Giant Rooks actually played in the same building, but in a slightly smaller club hall. The production they put on at the time was barely suitable for the stage, a ‘mistake’ they did not make again this time. They intentionally kept the stage empty and sober with the goal of letting the music do the talking. A song like “All I Know Is Quicksand” needed a little exposition and spoke for itself. Especially in the latter part of the song, the band dared to color outside the lines, culminating in an a cappella improvisation by the frontman Rapping. The room went silent and that made the moment a little stronger. From silence to abundance. The step was sometimes taken too quickly, and yet it didn’t feel like it was cumbersome. The success of Yesterday’s “New Estate” delighted fans in the early days, but also those who became fans only later.

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The band strived for perfection for the most part and that’s the only point of criticism we can offer. Sometimes the desire for perfection took some of the magic out of the song, and with some spontaneity, it could have made “Morning Blue” (ignoring the disco outro) shine even more. Don’t get us wrong, the song got everyone excited, but everything stayed within the lines. “Someone Like You” also lacked some power yesterday and perhaps failed a bit as a whole. Then the single “Fight Club” did a little better a little earlier. The apotheosis of the song was extremely swinging and an absolute blast for an indie band like Giant Rooks. Fortunately we didn’t get to KO, otherwise we wouldn’t have made it to the mandatory round.

For the encore, fan favorite “Mia & Keira (Days To Come)” was a big absentee and yet the concert did not end in a minor key. on the contrary. His ‘wild stare’ sent more ecstasy through the room and he was once again his masked self. Front singer Fred couldn’t resist getting into the audience himself to jump with everyone. The final straight line finally began the ‘watershed’. Everyone was very enthusiastic and the group song was given extra punch with some cheerful applause and sitting down. The fans couldn’t get enough and Fred rapped the chorus again, while his band members had already disappeared into the wings.

Giant Rooks’ performance ended on a calm note, providing a good balance between euphoria and conviviality. In recent years, both as a band and as court musicians, the Germans have experienced an undeniable progress that has reached its peak at the present time in the old Belgian box. The (imminent) release of how have you been It will only increase our Belgian country’s appreciation for Giant Rooks. We very much hope that we can see them in action again next summer at one of the festivals, because they will undoubtedly create a nice atmosphere there.

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