Now Google One Backup for Android is widely available

At the beginning of this summer, it was announced that Google would replace the current Android backup system with “Backup with Google One”. Once Google started rolling it out in JulyThe new backup system appears to be widely available in the Android settings. With the new system, you will immediately see how much storage space your phone backup takes up and you can backup your MMS for free.

Backup met with Google One

Making backups would not be high on their priority list for many consumers. However, it is very important to store your data securely, to avoid data loss if your phone is stolen, for example. Companies like Google know this too, so they automatically store important data from apps, texts, contact data, contacts, settings, and even Wi-Fi networks and wallpapers in the cloud. Currently, many of these backups are still made across different backup settings, which makes backups all the more important.

With the introduction of “Backup with Google One” this issue should be gone. With the update, Google wants to move tasks from the Google One service to Android Settings. With the new backup function that Google is rolling out, you can store more data from one place. MMS, photos and videos: from now on they can all be saved in the new backup list. MMS files are saved by default using the Google One backup service, while photos and videos can be backed up via the new settings.

With updated settings, consumers also gain insight into the amount of data that Google backup uses. In addition, you can see at a glance the files stored on their phone in the cloud. Finally, via their Android phone’s backup settings – where Google One backups are hidden from now on – you can (instantly) create a backup, and see how much storage is still available in their Google One account. And switch accounts by clicking on the email address displayed.

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It began to be widely disseminated

It’s not really big changes. Above all, Google makes the backup system more transparent and ensures unified backup options in the Google ecosystem. Especially if you don’t want to keep your backup chains in your hands, it’s a good idea to now have all your backups done from a single list, and also get a better overview of all the files stored in the cloud.

System is now available

It’s also good to know that Backup with Google One is available to everyone, including Google users without a single subscription. Users of Android 8.0 Oreo will receive the list in the near future. At the moment, it seems that Google has unlocked the unified backup feature for almost all Android phones. All phones in the Androidworld editorial office – which also have different email addresses – have already received the new listing.

Do you already see the new Google Backup function appear in your phone’s Settings menu? Don’t know where to look: you can find the job under System > Backup. Be sure to tell us in the comments at the bottom of the article.

google one

google one

Google One is the name of the paid storage in Google Drive. Each Google user gets 15 GB of Drive storage by default. With this it could be better..

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