Now on Netflix: Mexican series ‘Rebelde’ is the new ‘Elite’

We don’t have to tell you that the Spanish-language Netflix series is a hit, because everyone knows the hit series eliteAnd Stealing money From Z . control for example. The streaming service is now bringing a new musical drama series, this time, called the rebel. The series is a reboot of the popular 2004 telenovela of the same name and could be a successor to it elite It is also about students at an elite high school.

New Mexican Netflix Series the rebel It follows a group of freshmen at a prestigious boarding school called Elite Way School (EWS). This international school was the birthplace of the legendary Mexican pop band RBD, who was once nominated for a Latin Grammy. The group appeared from the popular telenovela the rebel, sold more than 15 million records worldwide between 2004 and 2009, before disbanding in March 2009.

the rebel

The telenovela of the same name was an iconic and beloved teen soap opera that enjoyed unprecedented popularity in Argentina and Mexico in the early 2000s. In the new edition of the eight-part series, a new generation of talented students enters the school, each of whom dreams of participating in a prestigious music program and winning the Battle of the Bands, which will begin their musical career to help.

But dreamy freshmen will soon discover that the path to stardom is not easy and certainly not without struggle. Along the way, of course, love and friendship blossom between them, as a secret society tries to cast a shadow over their dreams of becoming the next great music star.

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The reboot, created under the direction of Santiago Limone Liberan Black, brings not only a new generation of musical talent, but also new stories and characters. However, there will also be some familiar old faces that fans will likely recognize.

Actress Azul Gueta plays Jana, Sergio Mayer Mori is Esteban, Franco Masini plays Luca, Andrea Chaparro plays Maria Jose (MJ), Jeronimo Cantillo plays Dixon/Guillermo, Lizce Celine is Andy, Alejandro Puente plays Sebastian and Giovanna takes Grigio as Emilia . Want to know more about the actors or their characters? Then this is possible here.

Do you like music, drama and love? So this series is definitely a thing for you and good news, because it can actually be streamed entirely via Netflix.

Watch the trailer below the rebel:

The new musical series can now be watched on Netflix. Would you rather watch something else? Then scroll through the 50 best series on Netflix.

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