NPO imposes a third penalty on Ongehoord Nederland

Photo: ANP

The NPO has imposed a third financial penalty on broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland (ON!) and broadcaster Arnold Karskens reports that it comes to a fine of €132,000. NPO has not yet confirmed the news.

In the event of repeated violations, the NPO has the option of submitting an application to the Minister of State for Information Gunay Uslu for provisional recognition of the ON! To pull. Whether this will happen now is still not clear.

At the end of January, NPO announced its intention to release ON! impose a third penalty. Announcer Arnold Karskins had two weeks to respond. on me! The penalty is the third in a year. The first two penalties of more than €84,000 and more than €56,000 were imposed in July and December. The latter is not yet official because ON! against it.

The first punishment followed a report by the Ombudsman, who ruled at the time in favor of the complainants that ON! It posted patently incorrect information on its programmes. This was followed by a second fine because the broadcaster was not prepared enough to cooperate within the broadcasting system, according to the National Broadcasting Bureau.

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