NPO presenter Tim de Wit gives a lecture on the United Kingdom in Oudesluis

Oudesluis – NPO presenter and UK expert Tim de Wit will come to the Culturkerkje in Oudesluis on Thursday 2 November. De Wit will lecture there on his book ‘Wankel’s Kingdom’.

‘Shaky Kingdom’ reflects the turbulent times in which the United Kingdom finds itself and is particularly determined by surprises. Tim de Wit was a UK (England, Scotland and Wales) correspondent for NOS and Trouw for many years. In mid-2022 De Wit published his book ‘Shaky Kingdom: As I Saw Britain Change Because of Brexit’. He is currently the host of the NPO Radio 1 program ‘Bureau Buitenland’. He also produces the podcast ‘Europe Turns Door’.

Tim de Wit settled in relatively quiet London in 2014 as a reporter. What follows is a roller coaster of political events, intrigue and above all, mayhem. The country was turned upside down, and in fact still is. In his book ‘Shaky Kingdom’, De Witt is under the hood of the United Kingdom. It turns out: it squeaks and creaks on all sides. Scotland wants to leave, the weather is bad in Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson lied with glee, and even after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the oligarchs in London are barely dealt with. The future after Brexit is completely uncertain. At the same time, the British believe that everything will be fine.

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The ‘Wankel Kingdom’ lecture will take place on Thursday, November 2 from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Culturkerkje (Noorderweg 14A, Oudesluis). Tickets are available for €10 each Culturkerkje’s website or at the entrance.

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