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Hungary wants to consider halting its resistance to billions in aid to Ukraine if it can once again obtain EU subsidies, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s right-hand man suggests. It thus appears to offer an opportunity to reach a compromise on urgent support for Ukraine at the next EU summit.

Almost every other EU country wants to promise Ukraine another €50 billion over the next four years, but Hungary has been vocally opposed. The government in Budapest took a principled tone. Therefore, aid will only prolong the bloodshed. EU diplomats insisted that Budapest usually comes when the time of need comes, but doubts arose because of the strict and direct resistance. Although Hungary has long been negotiating the release of frozen EU subsidies, it has long been said that Budapest is essentially threatening to use its veto power to withdraw those funds.

Maintenance in Argentina

Both Zelensky and Orbán were in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, last weekend to attend the inauguration of President Javier Miley. During the ceremony, the two were positioned almost side by side, close to the wall, making it easier for the Ukrainian president to have a conversation with Orban, who was literally cornered in the corner. Local media reported an Argentine gesture towards Zelensky.

He did not reveal many details about the conversation: “On the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony, I spoke as frankly as possible with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban. It is clear that (the conversation, ed.) was about our European affairs,” the Ukrainian president said, without providing further details.

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Ahead of the EU summit, which starts on Thursday, Balázs Orban, Orban’s closest adviser, hinted that Hungary is already considering these two issues against each other. He stressed in an interview with Bloomberg News Agency that “European Union-Hungarian aid and financing for Ukraine are two different issues.” “But if the EU insists that financing for Ukraine should come from the revised EU budget, the two issues become linked.” At the summit, EU leaders will decide on the European Commission’s proposal to increase the EU budget so that it can support Ukraine, among other things.

Reaching an agreement with Hungary also raises a great deal of resistance in advance. Critics point out that the flow of money to Budapest was not stopped for nothing. The EU did this because the Orbán government is eroding the rule of law and allowing corruption to flourish. It was agreed that only if Hungary implemented a long series of reforms would it be able to expect billions again.

Hungary also threatens to thwart Ukraine’s next step toward European Union membership. This is also an important issue for the EU leadership.

The Ukrainian president is currently visiting the United States to convince Republicans in particular of the need to support a new aid package for Ukraine.

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