Nuki Smart Lock 3.0: Our readers’ verdict

Five TechPulse readers received a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0. What do you think of this smart lock? You read it here.

TechPulse editors are constantly putting the latest technology tools through extensive and critical testing. During To share our experiences We want to tell you which products are worth your money. But we also like to give our readers the opportunity to try these products for themselves. In cooperation with Nuki smart home factory Over the past few weeks, we’ve created a test panel where our readers can try out Nuki Smart Lock 3.0, the latest generation of smart locks, in their home environment. We previously tested Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro ourselves in the editorial office and were very excited about it.

Five TechPulse readers were selected to test the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0. The package they received included the door lock, the accompanying bridge, and everything they needed to install the lock. This is their verdict.

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0: Our readers’ verdict


Nuki has thought very carefully about making the installation as easy and understandable as possible. It really does go like a piece of cake. Most of the time is spent updating your unit with the latest firmware. Adding a bridge to be able to unlock remotely feels almost like “plug and play”: Beautifully guiding you through the app through the steps you need to take and also completing them in a few minutes. Finally a company that translates its marketing rhetoric into reality.” (Jorn van den Drech)

On the Nuki website you will find a handy wizard to determine if your lock is compatible with the Nuki Slot. After going through the wizard, it turned out to be so. We had a problem attaching the lock to the screws because the top screw got stuck in the notch, so it didn’t stay 100% right. We tried installing the lock on another door and it went smoothly, but that wasn’t the door we wanted. I finally managed to get the lock on your right door. Where the installation had some floor in the feet, this was not at all the case with the configuration. Simply install the app, plug the Nuki Bridge into a wall socket, follow the accompanying instructions, and you’re done. (Dominic Dejaeger)

Nuki . app

The app excels in simplicity. The interface is nicely clean and well arranged. This does not change the fact that a lot of functions are available in the basic menus. On the home screen you can see the current status of your Smart Lock. Tap the screen and a clear list of different options will appear. Via the settings link, you can go deeper into configuring the lock and, for example, invite family members as well. Browsing through all the menu options, I was pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of the lock and the ease with which it is fully set up. Nuki has carefully thought about the functionality and ease of use which makes using the app enjoyable” . (Pascal English)

nuki . app
Screenshot of the Nuki app. Image credit: Jorn van den Drech

Auto unlock

“I have been very interested in opening the automatic lock myself, having been walking on crutches for years, and now Assistans trains dogs for people with physical disabilities who are confined to a wheelchair. We teach our dogs to open and close doors when necessary, but not every dog ​​can be taught that .With the Nuki Smart Lock you can unlock the door when you are nearby and have these people have their hands to open or close the door.Side note is that it can be activated via bluetooth or wifi.If you do it over WiFi there are a few things to consider,like the correctness of your location .Also be aware that the perimeter in which the auto-lock is activated is 100m and the door is always open when you are within that range.This is why I only use this function via bluetooth and on the lowest sensitive setting.(Lockcrab)

“The open and close your door app is great to show off to your friends, but actually the added value compared to the key is somewhat limited. But then we come to the really smart features! Auto Unlock does exactly what the name suggests. On the iPhone, you should make sure that That the Nuki app can always access your location data and then the Nuki app can automatically open your door when you approach. In practice, this works really well. To test this out you went for a walk with the dog. With the default setting, you should actually go outside a semi-circle Diameter is 100 meters from the lock.When you approach your lock again, you will receive a notification on your iPhone stating that the door will open as soon as you enter the Bluetooth range of the lock.In fact, when you entered the corridor you heard the door open.Magic moment!You can set “Automatic unlocking is for yourself and not immediately for everyone who uses the lock. This is definitely helpful because automatically unlocking the door is not the best option for everyone.” (Pascal English)

Share with family

Sharing the lock with family members has been done very easily by Nuki. Add your family member, set the options and send them the link. They can then install the Nuki app, enter their personal code and that’s it! They can also decide for themselves if they want to enable “Unlock” Auto-lock” or not. It’s also interesting to restrict access for some people in time. Handy for a cleaning lady or gardener. They will only be able to access during the times you specify!” (Pascal English)

“You can add users to your lock via the app or also via the web, each of which can give you permanent access or only in a limited period of time. With the latter, you can, for example, give the cleaning assistant access within a strict time frame. Much easier than turning over the key every time.A great addition to Nuki could be a one time code or one time use invitation code for private use: once you use the selected code/invitation, you won’t be able to open the door anymore.This way you can easily reach a technician or A plumber without having to be at home by yourself and having to set aside a long period of time. This makes it easier to keep track of users. It’s also very easy to keep track of records of when and by whom your door was opened.” (Jorn van den Drech)

nuki دعوة call app
Invite the rest of the family. Image credit: Hank Brandwick

Smart Home and IFTT

“I work in the IT sector so I wanted to take this one step further with Nuki Smart Lock. For example, I was easily able to get a notification when kids open the lock. This is simply more convenient than always having to go through those log files and saves on Immediately a sense of certainty that they came home safely. I also set it up to turn on the lights in the house when you open the door. Always handy if you come home after sunrise. It’s very easy to find simple integrations with IFTT on the platform, but if You want to move on, that’s kind of a puzzle.” (Dominic Dejaeger)

“If you already have a so-called home assistant — eg Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, google home, Athom Homey,… — there is a good chance that you can also turn on the lock using it. It’s about installing the app on the console and giving App Access the lock. Note that you will need the provided bridge. Although you can automate and configure a lot with the Nuki app as standard, thanks to the integration with the smart home console you can go even further. For example, you can lock the door when the roller shutters go down, or you can turn on the outside light on the door automatically when the Nuki registers you’re home with location determination.” (Hank Brandwijk)


An important issue, of course, is the security of the smart lock. On the one hand, there is the software and communication technology used. In other words, this lock can be hacked. Much then depends on the quality of the software used and the manufacturers’ update policy. Unfortunately, I can’t say much about it, but I expect this to be good, for a locksmith like Nuki, it would be disastrous if the locks turned out to be easy to use. On the other hand, there is the use of a lock. Can you – and do you want to – rely on the auto-lock function? Are you sure the door is locked when you are away from home? In this case, you can check via the app if the door is effectively closed and – if necessary – still locks the door remotely. However, if you close the door with a key, you are guaranteed to close the door effectively. With this smart lock, it is possible that the lock is triggered but the door is not locked. You can’t solve it from a distance, in fact you have a false sense of security because the door is not obviously open. The latter can be resolved with a door sensor, but this is not included as standard. (Hank Brandwijk)

One of the main concerns I had about the smart lock was the security of everything. This concern had diminished by the day Nuki was installed. Of course you have to realize that your smartphone will simply become a switch. So if you lose this, people can enter using only that device. The huge advantage with which you can block a device, of course, remains to be seen. In addition, I also assume that Nuki is well aware that security with smart locks should simply be a top priority. (Dominique de Jagger)

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0: Conclusion

“Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 with or without a bridge is a great device with a lot of possibilities. You can fully adapt it to your own needs and/or limitations. A key and lock is an inconvenience to a lot of people, but you can forget about those inconveniences completely with the Nuki Smart Lock.” (Luke Crab)

“The Nuki Smart Lock apps are nearly endless and you can solve the most impossible or unbelievable situations. Just think about the time your partner had to go home because you were smart enough to leave your key on the table. Being able to open the door with your smartphone or by Dimension can prevent a lot of stress.If there are any negatives about nuclear It must be counted, it may be a sound nuclear† Every time the lock is opened, it is as if the coffee grinder has started. You can’t invoke a smart lock in a whisper. “ (Jorn van den Drech)

Overall, my findings about the Nuki Smart Lock are very positive. The build quality and design are good and the option to operate the lock from the lock itself is very easy. Another advantage is the integration options with many smart home assistants. positive. I haven’t tested any other smart locks of course, so I can’t make a comparison, but this Nuki would definitely be at the top of my shortlist and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested. It is not a tool but it can be a nice added value if you want to make your home smarter. At least the absent-minded person benefits because you can check for yourself from a distance if the door is really closed. However, my doubts were not completely dispelled after two weeks. In my view, the Nuki falls short of being a “smart lock” by not providing a door sensor as standard. I can not imagine a case where such a sensor would not be needed. The offered functions are complete and good and the whole can be configured extensively. A side note is that it takes some time before you know what a job is doing and how to respond. So a good test is the message not to make things too easy for unintentionally unwanted visitors.” (Hank Brandwijk)

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