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Several bears caused disturbances in the Italian and Austrian Alps. Female bears and cubs were spotted in six different places, especially in the Italian region of Trentino. Those are very dangerous. Also in Austria, on the border with the German state of Bavaria, there is unrest after a brown bear causes a massacre.


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Saturday 1, Mercure, Trento Today

Fears in the Dolomites, a popular holiday destination in Italian South Tyrol, are justified. In recent years, there have been a number of incidents where people have been assaulted.

The government is calling on residents and vacationers to inform themselves of the best way to act when they encounter one or more bears. It seems that “not every encounter provokes an aggressive reaction.” “Most bears flee immediately when they notice a human presence.”

However, there are situations when bears encounter unexpectedly. The fear response of animals can lead to them attacking to protect their young.

touristic places

In the province of Trentino, bear families have recently been spotted near tourist places such as Andalo, Folgarida and Molveno on the mountain lake of the same name. The exact locations are shown on the map below, which is updated regularly.

Bear families are believed to be within a 2.5-mile radius of the signal point. However, this does not mean that bears cannot be found in other places.

The government warns that intentionally searching for bears to be photographed or photographed should be avoided. “It is potentially dangerous behavior that could be punished for stalking or intimidating wildlife.”

A bear family on the road, for example, near Molveno. © Getty Images / EyeEm

Tips for hikers

Hikers receive some advice. “To avoid unexpected encounters, it is sometimes a good idea to make some noise, for example by speaking out loud,” the government warns. “Especially when you are alone in a forest, and when the visibility is poor.”

It is also important to keep your dog on a leash. “Otherwise there is a danger that a bear will chase, disturb or attack it. This way he can bring the bear to you when your dog in turn asks for protection.”

Notorious Bear JJ4

In recent years, there have been several incidents in Trentino in which people have been attacked. in August 2020 A bear attacked a police officer He was wounded in several places. Two months ago, we were walking a hiking trail in Monte Beller Two hikers attacked

This latest attack was the work of the infamous bear JJ4. The authorities decided to imprison him, but under the influence of animal rights groups, this order was canceled. The same JJ4 is one of the bears chasing the Dolomites now.

Austria and Germany

Bears also cause disturbances on the borders of Austria and Germany. Last weekend, fifteen dead sheep were found in the Karwendel Mountains, a sub-alpine region. There were fourteen pregnant ewes and one lamb. According to the affected farmers, traces of a bear can be seen. Sheep breeders in the area are very concerned. It is only that time of year when they usually go up into the mountains with their flocks. Many drove their cattle back into the valley in fear.

Experts also suspect the massacre was caused by a brown bear. A few weeks ago, it was captured by a wildlife camera in Mittenwald, Germany, about 30 kilometers away. A politician told Austrian Public Broadcasting that he was concerned about people being attacked and was investigating the possibility of shooting a bear. The Karwendel Mountains are a popular hiking and cycling destination with tourists.

File photo of a brown bear in the Alps.

File photo of a brown bear in the Alps. © Environmental Protection Agency

The Karwendel Mountains, on the border between Germany and Austria, are popular with hikers and cyclists.

The Karwendel Mountains, on the border between Germany and Austria, are popular with hikers and cyclists. © Getty Images

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