Of all the Europeans, the Dutch eat the most meat substitutes

870g meat substitutes equals 8 to 10 vega burgers or 50 vega balls. It makes the Netherlands the leader of Europe, shows Research To eleven European countries. The United Kingdom closely follows the Netherlands. Other European countries are doing very badly.

Countries Consumption per person Cost per person
Netherlands 868 g 10.05 Euro
United Kingdom 855 g 7.53 Euro
Belgium 314 g 4.30 Euro
Germany 309 g 4,19 Euro
Austria 226 g 3,27 Euro
Spain 164 g 1,85 Euro
Italy 144 g 1.84 Euro
France 91 g 1,19 Euro
Romania 48 g 0.26 Euro
Denmark 0.0044 g 0.00 Euro
Poland I do not know

Note: According to the study no meat substitutes are eaten in Denmark.

‘Dutch food culture cries’

Pablo Molman, an environmental economist and co-founder of Proveck, says the popularity of meat substitutes in the Netherlands is related to Dutch food culture. “It cries out for meat substitutes. We’m used to eating potatoes, meat and vegetables. If you remove meat, you have to substitute. In other food cultures, meat plays a small role. There are more legumes that you are more likely to replace.”

Molman says it is not surprising that the Netherlands scored so well. “We know the Netherlands is one of the European leaders when it comes to meat consumption and production, but we’ve never seen where we end up in a ranking.”

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