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Many patients choose the delay Treatment because they are concerned about the infection and because they do not want to put pressure on the healthcare provider. These are the comments I received from the regional user committee, among other things. These are important notes, but I want to tell you all, come to us. There is a reason to make an appointment with us, and the fact that you are already coming in or communicating with various symptoms indicates that it is not something superfluous.

We’ve had a pandemic For more than a year, this has created many challenges for our health services. At the start of the pandemic, there was a strong focus on proper preparedness, ensuring competency and personnel, adequate infection control equipment, and adequate intensive care facilities to deal with what might happen. This naturally affected parts of the daily surgery and delayed treatment for many patients. At the same time, hard work has been done to ensure that attendance at our hospitals is safe and on time.

I have a great advantage My regular meetings with the Regional User Committee and Ombudsman for patients and users. Input from there is important to us. Recent comments from user committees and complaint secretaries indicate that many patients still choose to stay home because they are concerned about infection and because they don’t want to shoulder the burden of care unnecessarily. I’ll tell you: Meet your class. For our hospitals, it is extremely important for our patients to come for treatment. And for patients, it is absolutely essential that you meet us when you need us, be it scheduled or urgent.

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Other notes What I have is that patients have to come to the hospital exactly during their opening hours. For this reason, patients who have gone through a long and arduous journey hesitate. What if they arrive too early? Where should they wait? I’ll also tell you: Come to your classes. In the current situation with the infection picture that we are now seeing in northern Norway, you don’t have to worry about where you might have to wait a few hours. It is very important that you get the treatment that you need.

The situation was a year ago Much more mysterious, and we were all unsure of what would happen and how to deal with it. There was uncertainty about the availability of infection control equipment, transporting patients was a huge challenge, and we did not know how much capacity would be allocated to intensive care patients in relation to the Covid-19 epidemic. Today the situation is completely different. Patient transportation is largely unaffected, we have plenty of infection control equipment and COVID-19 is not currently a big burden at Hillsord Hospitals. Moreover, we are buying more health services than before. We have open doors for everyone who needs us and are prepared in a completely different way. The burden of the day is rather than offsetting the backlog that we have accumulated over the course of the year.

We are only here for one reason This is to ensure that the people of Northern Norway have access to the best specialized health services that we can offer in the area we live in. We will make sure everyone gets the help they need, whether they live in town, on a hill, or on an island along the coast. To succeed in this, we count on you as patients and family members to feel safe and welcome – we are ready!

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Cecily Day, CEO of Hills Nord

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