Wase Wandelbox brings together 14 accessible walks in the region: “Because every step counts for better health and wellness” | Krupik

WaaslandIntroduced the vzw Waasland Wase Wandelbox logo. “But this isn’t just another hiking map,” employee Kjani Verbeke confirms. “These lanes are accessible to everyone, including people with reduced mobility, who use a wheelchair or who go out with young children.”

The Walking Box is part of the “10,000 Steps” project and contains 14 walks across Waasland. There is a short walk and a long walk in every city or municipality. “Long hikes focus on nature and green spaces. These are about 7 kilometers or 10,000 steps. On these walks, Verbeek explains the beauty of nature.” Short walks, of about two kilometers, are accessible to everyone, including people in a wheelchair or pram. Enjoying walking should be possible for everyone. Plus, every step you take is a step in the right direction to improve mental health and wellness.” Those who prefer to go out with their smartphone instead of a hiking map can scan a QR code to get a digital copy.

Seven Wase municipalities contributed to the development of Wase Wandelbox. © Christoph Peters

Local health platform Logo Waasland has developed Wandelbox in collaboration with local authorities in Beveren, Hamme, Kruibeke, Sint-Niklaas, Stekene, Temse and Waasmunster. They also want to include people for whom exercise is less obvious for health, financial or social reasons. This is why a large number of Wase Wandelboxes will be distributed for free to these target groups. The rest of the population can buy the box from 15 June at the tourist information offices of the participating municipalities for 9 euros.

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