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TreeOLVI Boom opened its new campus green area at Brandstraat on Friday afternoon. The students called it “Our Dear Garden,” referring to the school’s name. In the coming months, there will be more innovations on the agenda for OLVI, which is celebrating its 20th birthday this academic year.

The current school is a special academic year for OLVI Boom. The school not only organizes a number of celebrations for its twentieth anniversary, but also organizes a number of small projects to improve the well-being of students and staff. For example, in recent months, work has been done to create a green area on the campus at Brandstraat.


“Just before spring break, we feared that the park would remain closed due to PFAS contamination at Gasstraat,” says Education Director Els Verbeek. “Fortunately, we have now received good news from the Agency for Welfare and Health: Our green area is located outside the 100m boundary. In addition, for this green area, the original subsoil has been excavated and the surface has been filled with new certified soil. So our students will be able to enjoy the garden without any worries.”

On Friday afternoon, the park was officially opened with a ceremonial opening, attended by Education Representative Inge De Ridder (N-VA) and Youth Representative Tom Dewandelare (CD&V). The name of the new place was also announced there: “Our Dear Garden”, a reference to the name “Our Lady’s Institute”.

new construction

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“The opening of the park is part of our effort to provide more green space at the school,” continues Els Verbeeck. “Later in the academic year, we will also begin renovating the health facilities on the Brandstraat campus. In the short term, we will then begin renovating the upper pitch on the Basinstraat campus. There, too, a layout was chosen where green spaces are central. At the end of 2022 We will begin with our art show: demolishing our empty building in Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat. This will make way for a new building with, among other things, a separate gymnasium.”

OLVI students discover the new park. © Tessa Crane

The green area was called
The green area was called “our dear garden”. © Tessa Crane

OLVI students discover the new park.
OLVI students discover the new park. © Tessa Crane

Els Verbeek and Alderman Inge de Rieder cut the ribbon.
Els Verbeek and Alderman Inge de Rieder cut the ribbon. © Tessa Crane

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