What is a healthy serving of nuts?

In the department Food is in check We share a scientific viewpoint on nutrition and health. The internet is full of claims about these two broad topics, but is this information accurate? We provide clarity with the help of many experts. With Today: What is the Healthiest Part of Nuts?

You think you’re doing something healthy for the evening: Opting for a bag of nuts instead of M&Ms. But if you look at the back of the package, you’ll see that both bags contain roughly the same amount of calories. How is that exactly? Are nuts still healthy, and what’s the healthy part? subway asked nutritionist Camilla Bott.

A healthy portion of nuts

Do nuts fit into a healthy diet? “A handful of nuts is definitely part of a healthy diet,” says Boot. “They’re full of fiber and good, unsaturated fats. However, the latter also ensures that a handful of nuts has plenty of calories. Now the definition of a hand is very relative of course, but a small hand quickly contains about 250 calories. By comparison, a planet contains Mars is also on this.

Therefore, portion size is very important when eating, says a nutritionist. And don’t let yourself be discouraged from eating nuts, because they are healthy. “It’s really recommended to eat some nuts every day, because those unsaturated fats and fiber are very important to get on a daily basis. So make sure you don’t take in too much.”

How many grams per day are we talking about? Pott says this depends on your diet. A reasonable amount to eat depends on what you eat during the day. So this is different for each person. It should fit into your diet.”

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What are the best nuts?

Then about the type of nuts. According to the nutritionist, there is also a big difference. “Each note has a slightly different texture. In terms of the nutty kind, I’d recommend the variety really well. With the variety, you get a little bit of everything. I’d recommend going for the unroasted, unsalted variant. This variety is the least processed.”

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