Curated – Goodbye stress at the supermarket: this way healthy food is a piece of cake

Are you slowly running out of home front food? Do you prefer healthy eating? We got it. We have the solution for you: Green Chef Meal Boxes. Curious what moms think of this? Let them taste it.

What is green chef?

Green Chef is the meal box that gives your healthy lifestyle a major boost. Every week you will receive a box full of ingredients with which you can make three or four delicious and healthy meals. It’s not just a box, no: Only organic and sustainable ingredients earn a spot in this box.

It’s not just the ingredients that make the meals special. Recipes have been carefully compiled by Green Chef’s nutritionists. So you have amazing and delicious dishes on the table every week, which are also balanced. And that’s very nice: you no longer have to struggle through a crowded supermarket with babies and toddlers. Your very own Green Chef Box delivered to your home every week. Save time and eat healthy? You can check these two tasks.

A number of moms have already been allowed to try Green Chef boxes. Curious what they think? Then read on.

Good taste, good feeling

Karen (@ “A healthy lifestyle starts with you. A busy family life, you like to eat healthy and also think about what you eat. It is not necessary anymore. Green Chef is for every mom who wants to eat healthy, engages in a certain lifestyle or has food preferences Certain. Thanks to the Green Chef Collection, there’s something for everyone. Eat healthy, your way! Not only does it taste good, but it also feels great.”

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and iris iris (@tweet) Very excited about Green Chef boxes: “Why am I a fan like this? With Green Chef you have an original, fresh meal on the table every day without having to think about what to cook. And because I know the nutritional values ​​in advance, I can easily plan meals each day and don’t have to calculate Everything via the app.

Brett (@tweet) is also passionate about Green Chef’s healthy meals. “Tastes good, feels good. Green Chef creates change with healthy recipes. Enough selection and compiled by nutritionists. I am a fan!”

In short: Green Chef makes healthy eating easy, delicious, and above all, fun!

Do you want to try it yourself? If you order now using the discount code 90 Get up to €90 off the first four boxes! This is a fun test, isn’t it?

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