On which device do you play your mobile games?

a lot of hardcore PC gamers may not like to play on a smartphone or console but these numbers prove otherwise. Mobile games accounted for nearly 50 percent of total gaming earnings worldwide in 2020. What about Androidworld readers? Cast your vote now in the new AW Poll.

On which device do you play your mobile games?

More than half of global gaming revenue currently comes from smartphones. Many smartphone manufacturers are responding to this by releasing special smartphones targeting games like Legion Duel 2 with high quality specifications, and ROG Phone 5 Where is the editor? Jeffrey very finished he was talking. However, such a phone is not a requirement for mobile games.

De Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2_Ultimate Black_04

There are already more than enough accessories for this, such as bluetooth controllers. For example, there is a Razer Kishi editor for IGN ship last year on behalf of best controller for mobile games. In addition, you can use a file Stadia console Play Stadia games on your phone and also on your PC or Chrome OS device In the browser de Chrome.

Then there are consoles with which you can play mobile games like Nintendo Switch (wherever you are Android can run on) and soon also a file New OLED screen switch. Finally, there is a file Chromebooks Such as This game looks On Chrome OS discs Where you can play Android games and Stadia games.

AW poll

The main question in this survey now is, do you play mobile games? If so, what would you rather play? You can now vote in the AW poll below! Leave your motivation for this in the comments.

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AW Poll: What device do you play your mobile games on?
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