OnePlus releases the standalone Clipt app for everyone

OneLab, the innovation hub for the OnePlus brand, has released a new app. With the Clipt app, you can transfer images, text, and the like from your clipboard to other devices.

Clipt is the new app from OneLab

OneLab is an innovative division of OnePlus that comes with fun and enjoyable apps and tools. It is a counterpart to what Google does with the Creative Lab. The first project is now a reality and will be called “Clipt”. With this application, you can transfer your clipboard between different devices, from different operating systems. Likewise, the arrival of Apple iOS is planned.

Clipt should make it easy to transfer pictures, files, and text between devices. It should be a more convenient alternative to email, self-messaging, or cloud storage. The effect is somewhat similar to Pushbullet. In the Android app, you have to paste the copied text, and then you can send it to your computer, for example. Since Android 10, apps don’t automatically access what’s on your clipboard. Clipt uses your Google Drive storage to share files. This will not be a huge database, as only the last ten will be preserved, and the rest will be deleted automatically. To enable this link, you must accept the rights to do so. No data is stored on OnePlus servers.

To use the service on your computer, you can Extension Download to Google Chrome. The app itself is not only available for OnePlus, but it is widely available on Android devices.

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