Oopjen’s escape from the Rijks Museum provides a warm adventure

Unveiled with great fanfare: Marten and Oopjen, painted pendants by Rembrandt that Rijksmuseum share with Louvre. But then Oopjen was gone. far? Yes, the painting is still there, but the reddish woman with a sumptuous white collar and pearls passes through Amsterdam.

Jackie en Oopjen is a delightful family movie with a great idea. 12-year-old Jackie (Frouke Verheijde), daughter of the museum curator, is not only aware of the museum’s treasures, but also runs the women’s home in the house. It is her job to warn her busy mother during dinner: “What is important, put your phone away.”

This self-reliant girl takes care of Oopjen, who is looking for her younger sister, who is also portrayed in a painting. As a kind of ET historical art, of course the resolute seventeenth century lady should be hidden, while in the meantime she falls from one surprise to the next about modern life. Running water, sealed mice, banana, vacuum cleaner, cell phone, words like Duh: Actress Sarah Banner enjoys making chaos (which the house cat is blamed for).

Myranda Jongeling’s tepid scenario saves some tension by organizing an antiques dealer who believes, with his furious fox fur (Leny Breederveld, very cute), is taking advantage of disappearance, but also misses opportunities. We learn little about life for a rich golden age, except that Oopjen drinks beer all day. More of these historical details could have given the film more layers and made it more exciting for a larger audience. With this well-crafted adventure for young roles, the filmmakers focus on younger viewers. And they will enjoy the crazy misunderstanding, the clowning, and the beautiful scene in which the outdated friends start dancing together at the dam. Vermeer, “The Girl with the Pearl Earring,” previously featured in a book and movie adaptation, has a lively niece.

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