Open Memorial Day organizer Herita’s new membership card gives access to historical sites around the world

Herita wants to grow into a national foundation for flonders. The oldest and best known example of a national trust is the British one. Its purpose is to preserve and open places of historical significance or natural beauty. The British organization relies mainly on members, donors and volunteers.

Now Herita also wants to expand its membership. The membership card provides access to all historical sites and landscapes managed by trusts affiliated with the International National Foundation. So members can travel with the card to over a thousand locations in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and more. Membership costs 35 35 per year.

“The movement of members will enable Herita to carry out important security work on the irreplaceable heritage sites in Flanders and will also strengthen our argument for historical sites,” said Herita Director Matthias Franken. “In this way we cherish our immovable heritage together.”

Managed in Flanders Various monuments to Herita, Including Fort Hears in Limburg, is in the process of being completely rebuilt, but Hofkamer in Antwerp, where the base is headquartered. In the West Flanders, Herita manages the Beaufort Castle in Wolverhampton, where the Laterenfest Festival will soon take place. At Flemish Praband, Herida members can visit Fort Horst.

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