Opening of Mondai: House of AI

News – June 23, 2022 – Web Editor Communication

A new AI home, Mondai, officially opened its doors on the TU Delft campus on Thursday. On Monday, science, education, and innovation in AI will come together by programming lectures, workshops, hackathons and other events for students, alumni, scientists, professionals, and an interested audience. Mondai is also Delft’s first Convergence Square: where TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC can collaborate on AI, data and digitization.

Mondai is a Japanese word meaning “question” or “problem”. The aim is to connect the parties in an accessible manner, and in this way to stimulate innovation, take advantage of economic opportunities and contribute to social challenges and problems. Think, for example, of inspiration sessions for small and medium businesses, where companies and organizations are helped on how to use AI in a good way to implement a project or answer a question.

Cooperation is crucial

“The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as an enabling technology is enormous,” says Geert Jan Houben, Pro Magnificus AI Vice President, Data and Digitization at TU Delft. “At TU Delft, we research, design and build the AI ​​technology itself, as well as its use, and develop innovations with Business community. AI education is offered to all students and AI plays a major role in research in all colleges. It is great that Mondai is now here, a place where partners can meet in person.”

Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen adds: “Artificial intelligence, data and digitization are increasingly necessary to solve the major scientific and social issues of our time. Nearly 1,500 scientists at TU Delft alone work on AI. The TU Delft Campus innovation ecosystem also has a strong focus On AI and digitization, with many field labs such as RoboHouse, SAM|XL and Do IoT. To be able to tap into the great potential in AI, collaboration between all these parties is critical. With Mondai, TU Delft takes the lead In this “.

New ideas and connections

TU Delft also operates within the so-called convergence Closely with Erasmus University and Erasmus MC on various topics. Mondai houses Convergence Square, the meeting place of scholars and other partners active in Convergence. For the subject of AI, data and digitization, Leiden University and LUMC also belong. Floris Italianer, Director of Convergence says: “In times of Covid and post-Covid it is also important to have a good meeting place. We are now creating this using this convergence arena on the TU Delft campus. New ideas and connections can emerge here. In this way We are creating new opportunities together and as a region we can play a leading role on this important topic.”

Things to do in Mundike

Activities and programs at Mondai have already started: for example, an AI seminar has been held for Team Epoch, one of the DreamTeams, and there are regular DeepDive meetings for human-centered AI. An inspiration session on AI for SMEs and AI convergence “mixers” is planned for the fall, bringing together stakeholders from the business community and governments around a specific topic. TU Delft AI Labs will also hold its monthly meetings in Munday.

more information

Mondai is located in the NEXT Delft community building. You will find an accessible event and show room, content studio, workspaces and meeting point. for more information:

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