Outlook automatically opens web links in Edge

Those who use Outlook as their mail program will soon see links open in Edge, even with a different standard browser.

Microsoft has a long history of pushing people towards their own browser, be it Internet Explorer or Edge. Edge has once again become the default browser to open for quite a few links.

Even those who previously set another default browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, will soon see web links opened in Edge again. Microsoft is making an adjustment to the way Internet links are opened in email messages. Anyone who uses Outlook as their mail program on their computer will have to set a different default browser again.

Microsoft announced the change February Already as a new feature for Microsoft 365 customers. Now it’s up to date. Anyone who clicks on a web link in Outlook will see that it automatically opens in Edge. You will be presented with the option: Re-open similar links in Edge in the future, or rather in a different browser?

Outlook integration in Edge

According to Microsoft, the change should lead to a more pleasant way of working. Recently Outlook links do more than just open a webpage: your Internet browser also instantly opens a sidebar. In this bar you’ll see the email the link originated from, as well as the option to instantly reply to the email.

Image: Microsoft

The integration of Outlook into Microsoft Edge should above all ensure that users have to switch less between windows and that Windows is more user-friendly. At least that’s what Microsoft says. However, it has been known for some time that the tech giant never misses an opportunity to send users their own browser. Given the many investments in Edge and Bing, the new attempt isn’t surprising.

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