Overvecht overweight and therefore no poffertjes . booth

on broadcast Dr. Keelder & Associates The counselor responds On the news from NRC From last week: “The kids in Overvecht are very fat, so there should be no poffertjes booth.” The newspaper spoke with manager Anton Mullins, who already has a poffertjes tent in Zest. According to Mullins, a poffertjes booth like his is a cultural heritage, with high mirrors, windows and side benches.

Overweight in fighting

Thijs Visscher is a manager and has a care farm. He sees a booth on his site as an extra type of daytime activity. Unfortunately, the initiators soon encountered resistance from the municipality. He thinks children in the nearby district of Overfisht are obese.

Dimitri Gillesen (VVD Utrecht) is not against healthy food, but he thinks banning unhealthy foods goes too far. According to the councilman, it is best to enter into discussions with large chains about how to introduce healthy food. He suggests tempting people to choose healthier options.

poffertjes wheat and oat milk

But: Something is definitely going on in Overvecht, and maybe that approach is really necessary, Jort wonders. For example, 48% of adults are overweight, and the region’s fast food supply is 41% higher than in 2014, the strongest growth in the whole of the Netherlands. How about that, Dmitriy Gilesin?

we will. In any case, Visscher is ready to arrange the poffertjes booth menu at will, with juices for example, or poffertjes and oat milk …

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