Overwatch 2 Beta – Twitch Access, Stream List, and Trial Explained Duration

The Overwatch 2 Beta It will be playable on PC in the coming weeks.

The much-anticipated Overwatch sequel is finally getting a beta, and it’s now available to those who pre-registered. You can also Overwatch call 2 beta Get it when you watch a selection of broadcasts on Twitch today (April 27).

This page explains How to get access to the Overwatch 2 beta using TwitchWhat you should watch on Twitch for this and How to get access to the Overwatch 2 beta

on this page:

Overwatch 2 beta Twitch Dropitch – How does it work?

There are two ways to access the Overwatch 2 beta. The easiest and most immediate way is through Twitch Drops. This is only possible today on April 27!

To participate, your Blizzard account must be connected to your Twitch account. You also need access to Overwatch (fortunately a free trial is currently available). Then you have to Watch Overwatch 2 live on Twitch for four hours tonight† You must do this within eight hours.

You should watch Overwatch 2 beta streams on Twitch during this time frame to get to:

  • Europe: From 7 pm to 3 am on April 27

So to repeat: You should watch Overwatch 2 beta streams for a total of four hours in this eight hour period. That could be four hours in a row, but also four times an hour. But then you have to stay up long tonight!

Overwatch 2 Twitch Streamer List

Once you’ve linked your Blizzard and Twitch accounts, and accessed your first Overwatch (you can start a free trial for this on Battle.net), you should be watching one of the following broadcasts during the above hours.

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Blizzard says you can switch between streams as many times as you want to get up to four hours of watch time. So you can switch to another streamer after a while. Most importantly, your total viewing time will be four hours. However, we recommend sticking to only one stable Twitch channel to be safe.

The list of Twitch Streamers for the Overwatch 2 beta is:

  • 6tan
  • seagull
  • the rest
  • ace speed
  • my valley
  • adepththebest
  • AlexiaRay
  • alpha
  • that I
  • Angelxoxo
  • Angruderalarari
  • Ann’s repertoire
  • umdi
  • Arcang3lon
  • scent
  • Arelo
  • Asmongold
  • aspen
  • August
  • Avast
  • AVRL
  • bazzaza
  • BeaPlays
  • beaver
  • Byaka
  • a big head
  • Blissholx
  • blue
  • Briggy cake
  • BroYouWack
  • Bruninho S07
  • bus
  • CDNhe3rd
  • Ch1ckenkun
  • Changsik
  • mycetoma
  • shisha
  • Christian Rain
  • Creator
  • the friend
  • crescent moon
  • cup
  • stashes
  • Daniel Wiener
  • Dato’
  • Dexponos
  • Diana’s monsters
  • Dohyun
  • Domino Jack
  • deco
  • the Dragon
  • Dullachann
  • Diros
  • force you
  • Ecoflex
  • Evia
  • Electricity
  • Elohim
  • emiliatho
  • Emoung
  • Inyoung
  • asky
  • toasting evil
  • Feriha
  • FDGod_OW
  • five
  • Fixralife
  • FindingKyKy
  • flowering
  • apartments
  • FroggerOW
  • fuki
  • Jill Adelaide
  • Javich
  • jigori
  • GetQuakedOn
  • Guru
  • Hall
  • Hello
  • hammer kick
  • highest marks
  • Hoshimi
  • Hochizora
  • idqd
  • imaqtpie
  • itmeJP
  • evagpro
  • sieve
  • Izgerty
  • Jake
  • jaws
  • Jay 3
  • Jesse SMFI
  • jense
  • gotom
  • joystick
  • capaji
  • KarQ
  • Katie
  • Kevrick
  • Kimjaewon
  • Kimtongsoo
  • Kraghi
  • Kristen Ray
  • Cruzdar
  • kssarplayz
  • lasses
  • last chance
  • Lettigon
  • leg day
  • ya
  • lemon kiwi
  • Level Up
  • lice
  • linkzr
  • lyric
  • Lolovely
  • Flour
  • manda_amsbt
  • mangojai
  • Mars
  • Mindo
  • Thanks
  • Side roads
  • Mirage
  • MissSkywalker
  • 7 مل ml
  • moon Moon
  • Mr. Yi
  • Namunlbo
  • Narolsback Yard
  • neves
  • neanderthal
  • indigo
  • nitro
  • Nocerino
  • oasis
  • one_shot_gurl
  • Obut
  • get over
  • oval
  • OWGrandma
  • Bandarin
  • ferx
  • employment
  • Bukiolas
  • Bokimane
  • Botxica
  • Bankdel
  • the queen
  • Rustia
  • rrmy
  • Robin
  • runner
  • Ryugyehong
  • Saebyeolbe
  • salty
  • Samito
  • Sissoko
  • Shiptor
  • simmer
  • Sesame
  • skesty
  • sleepy
  • Solmer
  • somju
  • sleep
  • sushi
  • star system
  • stripin
  • stylosa
  • summer
  • sunshine bread
  • supertf
  • Definitely four
  • SVB
  • SypherPK
  • ta 1 yo
  • Talnkirke
  • tekodesu
  • tyco
  • Texas
  • the darkness
  • fruits
  • thexboxlucio
  • Tonici
  • TQQ
  • pictures of religion
  • Valley
  • Violet
  • W_NTED
  • warning
  • woogying
  • zargon
  • xenofly
  • XQC
  • XQQ
  • YBT
  • Little
  • YourOverwatch
  • Yuuie
  • sings
  • Zardoid
  • ZRush
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If you don’t have time tonight to watch Overwatch 2’s four-hour beta streams, or something goes wrong, Blizzard says there will likely be more Overwatch 2 beta testing periods at a later date. So you usually have another chance later.

In the meantime, it may be worth putting you on the regular list as shown below.

How to access the Overwatch 2 beta

Besides the limited time Twitch drops, you can of course access the Overwatch 2 beta the normal way: by signing up.

You can do this at Official Website, where you can click “Sign Up Now” in the middle of the page at the bottom of the page. Then you need to login to your Blizzard account.

Unlike a system with Twitch drops, it’s not clear here exactly who will be selected to participate in the Overwatch 2 beta. There are many factors that count, such as your Battle.net region, when you joined, and what hardware you have. You don’t have complete control over this, of course, so you are entirely dependent on when Blizzard decides to grant you access.

In addition, you can only participate in the first beta of Overwatch 2 if you are playing on PC. You should also have the first Overwatch in your library. Fortunately, there is currently a free trial period so you can easily claim it.

How long will the Overwatch 2 beta last?

the first Overwatch 2 beta runs from April 26 to May 17† However, Blizzard can still change this period based on what they want to test and the data they receive. So it is possible that the beta is extended, but also shortened.

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However, Blizzard says that they are planning additional testing after this first beta period, and that players with consoles will also be able to participate in the future.

What can you do in the Overwatch 2 beta?

The Overwatch 2 beta can only be played on PC and is focused on PvP.

Here’s what’s in the first Overwatch 2 beta:

  • The new fashion “Push”
  • Four new maps – Circuit Royal, Midtown, New Queen Screen and Colosseo
  • Five new heroes – Sojourn (new in Overwatch) and new versions of Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion and Sombra
  • New ping system and new user interface

If you can join the Overwatch 2 beta, we wish you good luck and would also like to remind you that any progress you make will not be tracked. So when Overwatch 2 comes out, you’ll have to start from scratch just like the rest of the world!

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