Paddington moves to London in the film of the same name

Beautifully adapted film PaddingtonWritten by Michael Bond.

Talking Bear Paddington first appeared in a children’s book in 1958 A bear named Paddington. In Great Britain he became an icon.


There is also a bronze statue of Paddington at Paddington Train Station in London. This is also where the Brown family meets the bear for the first time Paddington.

Despite the protests of Father Henry (Hugh Bonneville), the Browns decide to take the animal into their home. And it’s not without risks: the evil Millicent (Nicole Kidman) has heard that there’s a talking bear in London, and wants to create a Paddington and display it in a museum.

The visual effects are impressive: the computer-animated bear blends seamlessly with real London.

Colin Firth

PaddingtonDirector Paul King was initially considering Colin Firth to voice Paddington. Firth was on set several times to get to know his fellow actors and help them interact with the bear.

Ultimately, the director and actor came to the conclusion that Firth’s voice was not the right one for the young bear: “Slowly but surely it became clear that Paddington should not have the voice of an attractive old man. And certainly not if this man was one.” “The most beautiful sound in the world,” King said.

Ben Whishaw takes over the role of Paddington from Colin Firth.

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