Passenger stuck in the toilet for more than an hour during the flight: “Don’t panic, we will land in a few minutes.” strange

A man was unable to get out of a cramped plane’s lavatory compartment during a domestic flight in India from Mumbai to Bangalore on Tuesday. Only after landing can it be released.

SpiceJet arranged the flight, which provoked quite a few online jokers with their references to spicy food and its possible consequences: “Maybe too much curry?” But for the passenger who was locked in the plane’s toilet, it was a little less funny. He was stuck in the cabin for more than an hour of the hour and 40-minute flight.

The crew was unable to free the man. He also had to undergo toilet prolapse. Moments ago, one of the flight attendants had slipped a note under the door for the unfortunate man. “Sir, we tried our best to open the door, but we couldn’t. Don’t panic, we will land in a few minutes. Lower the toilet seat, sit on it and fasten your seat belt. As soon as the main door of the plane opens, an engineer comes on board.

And so it happened. According to one newspaper, the passenger was “in shock” after being released from the toilet on Tuesday morning. He received immediate medical attention, according to SpiceJet, which did not provide further details about the man. The airline said the passenger will be fully compensated for the inconvenience he regrets.

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