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Although our solutions are often technical in nature, we cannot develop them without first delving into the questions that patients and healthcare providers find most important and necessary. This is the best way to ensure that our products actually benefit society.

Based on explicit user needs, we apply advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, data models, and new sensor technology to develop a variety of applications for innovative health measurements, including digital virtual profiling, personal self-management, remote patient monitoring, and digital outcome measurements.

Our team investigates the validity and usefulness of digital vital signs and other innovative health measures remotely to ensure they comply with laws and regulations. This includes technical, analytical, and clinical validation studies and usability research into the performance of these measurements in practice. In addition, we support health standardization to ensure broad interoperability, compatibility, and implementation.

Finally, we want to help all stakeholders ensure the value, privacy, security and applicability of these innovative health measures, and thus accelerate their adoption.

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