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This is evident from a survey conducted by the Dutch Patients Union among the 7,500 members of its special committee. Calling a doctor saves time and patients do not have to leave the house.

Most telephone appointments are made with a general hospital physician (45%) or a general practitioner (33%) regarding a result, health complaint, or medical examination appointment.

time of the day

Although patients are generally satisfied with telephone contact with their GP or specialist, many report that they find it annoying that sometimes it is unclear by whom and when to contact. A very vague time (“The doctor will call you on Friday.”) is not desirable because private appointments and work will get in the way, according to the Dutch Patients Union.

More than 1,100 participants were not told a time to call, but only the day they would be called.

More than half (52%) of people had an effect on when a doctor called, more than a third (36%). Those who can help determine when to call are often more satisfied than those who can’t. Dissatisfaction increases the longer the period of time.

Missed call

87% of people are contacted at the agreed time or in the agreed period of time, although (3%) sometimes go unanswered. In 11% of cases, patients were recalled at a different time or period than previously agreed.

The vast majority spoke to a doctor who they also thought they had an appointment with. Sometimes the interview was conducted by an assistant/nurse practitioner (6%) or by another physician (2%).

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