A vulnerability has been found in Mozilla VPN systems

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Security researcher DoHyun Lee discovered a vulnerability in Mozilla’s VPN software. Due to the vulnerability, a hacker with access to a system could also gain system rights to take over the entire device.

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Weakness Researcher DoHyun Lee discovered that Mozilla VPN uses an insecure OpenSSL configuration Guide can be downloaded. A malicious person could gain system privileges through this vulnerability. If the hacker has limited rights and access to the system, he can actually take full control of the device due to the vulnerability.

A security researcher has reported a vulnerability in Mozilla. Mozilla immediately released a security update for this VPN. The vulnerability was fixed with the update.

Mozilla VPN

Mozilla is known to most people for its widely used Firefox browser. Recently, the company also decided to launch a VPN. Mozilla currently rents their server network from Popular VPN Provider Mullvad

Mozilla still has Huge improvement before their VPN service It can live up to the best and most user-friendly VPN Providers† Vulnerabilities like this also show that there is still work to be done.

For Mozilla VPN users, it is wise to update to Mozilla VPN 2.7.1 now, if it is not already done automatically.

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