Paul Scholes explains what Manchester United did wrong in three moments against Liverpool

Paul Scholes said Manchester United’s players made the wrong decisions in the second half against Liverpool.

As United revealed a game, Bruno Fernandez and Paul Pogba saw key late chances saved by Liverpool keeper Alison. 0-0 draw at Anfield. This was mostly a positive point Page of Ole Gunner Solska But United pulled away from Mercedes thinking they could have won 1-0.

Marcus Rashford also missed a great chance in the counter-attack, and said the Scholes had changed their lines when United were important at Anfield.

Analyzing the game as a pundit Premier League Productions With Michael Owen and Steve McMahon, the United Legend looks back on two great things Fernandez and Pogba Opportunities.

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He said: “First, you have to lend money to Alison, you expect him [Fernandes] To get the score from there, the six-yard box, that’s Michael [Owen] Wise will tell you when you have finished going above the roof of the web.

“Alison made two big savings. I think Bokba had to go less.

“He hit it well, smashed it hard, but I think the low level gives you a chance. He slaps it on his body. Alison doesn’t know much about it. It hit him.”

Manchester United wasted late chances at Anfield Draw as 0-0 With Liverpool.

Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandez saw the Guild-Edge chances saved by Liverpool keeper Alison because United improved through the game and were “disappointed” with a point. According to Ole Gunner Soulscare. Now United are turning their attention to the arrival of Fulham on Wednesday night.

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Shoals analyzed Rashford’s flow during a break broken by Liverpool’s sub-center-back Fabinho. The former United midfielder thought Rashford should have played Edinson Cavani Towards the goal.

“I thought he should have played him,” Scholes said. “At one point, Fabinho was really good at holding that position. There was a time to play him [Cavani] Inside. It was a great opportunity and I didn’t think he would always get around Henderson. Fabinho performs well, but Cavani is clean – and with his descent and record … you would not expect him to score because he is a high class’ keeper, but he will have a better chance of getting the score. “

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