Payday 3 server issues due to external partner

It was last week Payday 3 It was launched, but it was not a successful launch. Soon the servers could no longer handle the influx of players, resulting in the game being completely unplayable at times.

In response, head developer Starbreeze has now stated that he is disappointed with the situation. He points the finger at an unnamed third-party matchmaking partner, as it appears not enough lessons have been learned from the way servers are loaded during testing periods.

With this partner, the influx of players could have caused an error message that would have crashed the entire system. Gradually, the update would have improved the situation somewhat, but the new update would have brought new problems.

The first priority now is to make everything stable so that players can play Payday 3 effectively. Starbreeze then plans to thank the third-party partner for the proven services and thus work with a new party. People also want to make Payday 3 “less reliant” on online services, which is pretty strange considering it’s a game that’s primarily focused on online co-op.

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