What does a foldable MacBook with a 20-inch screen look like?

Apple doesn’t see much in a foldable phone just yet, but the company seems to have set its sights on a foldable MacBook with a massive 20-inch screen. How does that look?

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foldable macbook with huge screen

The most exciting Apple rumor this week was. According to trusted analyst Ross Young, Apple is exploring the possibility of MacBooks with foldable screens To view. Approximately 20-inch screens with 4K or higher resolution.

The foldable MacBook is more useful than it sounds. It can be used in two ways, Young describes. First of all, when folded, the MacBook functions as a “normal” laptop, with the bottom serving as an on-screen keyboard.

If you open your foldable MacBook, you have a 20-inch screen in front of you. You can then operate your Mac using an external mouse and keyboard. Very practical, because the screen of current MacBooks is too small for your (home) office. This product would make the screen obsolete for many people.

The graphics you see on this page were made by industrial designer Federico Donnelly. He made the concepts for Astrobad. In the illustrations we see a kind of MacBook / iPad hybrid. The device has a touch screen and Apple Pencil support there, so you can also use it as a drawing tablet.

Or the foldable iPad Pro?

Young’s rumor is striking, because so far Apple hasn’t seen anything in a Mac with a touchscreen. Phil Schiller, Apple’s chief marketing officer, among others, has repeatedly stated that he does not endorse this. macOS is fully optimized for indirect input (mouse or trackpad) instead of direct touch. And according to Schiller, you can’t improve for both.

What we think makes more sense is that Apple will have a foldable IPAD Under development. this with iPadOS It’s already built entirely for touch, so this would be a more logical step. In addition, a MacBook with a touchscreen would disassemble the iPad Pro.

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