“Petrov’s Flu” is a greedy cinematic journey through the deepest blackness of the night ★★★★ ☆

The ruling has been criticized internationally and is said to have been a reckoning for the regime because Serebrenkov is a vocal critic of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, among other things. It didn’t stop him from releasing his best movie so far in 2018: Let, a very interesting dive into the secret music of the USSR in the early 1980s. House arrest was lifted in April 2019, but Serebnikov was not allowed to leave the country until 2023. That does not prevent him from continuing to work. I cut it black monk The Avignon Theater Festival opened in July and his new film was already shown in Cannes last year, Flock Petrov† It’s now finally in the Belgian halls.

The title character is an auto mechanic from Yekaterinburg who also draws comics. Uncontrollable bouts of coughing indicate more than one other winter flu, although it’s never been clear which illness he has. Flock Petrov, based on the 2016 novel, offers a glimpse into the life of the man and that of his estranged wife Petrova, though the presence of a teenage son forces the two to maintain contact. Serebrenkov absorbs the twisted story with flashbacks, dreams and surreal hallucinations. Thus Petrova cut her son’s throat. or not.

Straightforward, classically organized stories are not suitable for Serebrenkov. But he has never weaved timelines as freely as in Flock Petrov† It happens that in the same shot – often depicted as a continuous sliding camera movement – Petrov moves from the present to the past and back. At the level of the story, you sometimes get lost as a spectator. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t even matter because you are drifting away and overwhelmed by the visual turmoil of this frantic ride.

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Serebrennikov depicts a state in moral decline, like pus flowing from all sides. Indeed, Flock Petrov It goes terribly with current affairs. It’s a greedy cinematic journey through the deepest blackness of the night.

Flock PetrovIn cinemas starting Wednesday, March 29th.

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