Victoria Beckham has been eating the same thing for 25 years: “No purpose, but good to return to basics”

“Since the day I met Victoria, she has only eaten fried fish and boiled vegetables.” David Beckham posted a remarkable statement about his wife Victoria at the Podcast Table 4 with the owner of The River Cafe in London.

The former professional footballer talks about his passion for cooking and alcohol. “I love to cook for my children, parents and friends. The combination of structure and creativity is really my happy moment, “Beckham said on the podcast. So he should not bring out his culinary skills for his wife.

There was still one day, about 10 years ago, when Victoria, according to him, ate something different. “When she was pregnant with our daughter Harper, she took something from my plate and ate it.” He could not remember what she had eaten, but she knew she had not touched it. “I remember that day together. My best memories,” he says.

In an earlier episode of Podcast, Victoria said that she would focus more on healthy eating and that her food should be prepared without oil, butter or sauces. “As a spice girl I often went to restaurants and decided I was going to live a healthy life. I often went out to eat and after that I wanted to be worthy of acting.” If she still wanted to sin, it was with a snack of salt.

Need more nutrients

Nele Calvert, Head of Nutrition and Diet at Hogeschool Gentle, questioned the lifestyle of Victoria Beckham. “In the first case, it’s not a complete diet. It’s best to incorporate as many nutrients as possible into your main diet.

In this way, his body does not have the positive meaning of a comfortable diet.

Calvert did not expect Beckham to want to tackle his eating habits, but also pointed out that the change was not so obvious. “She has had this habit for 25 years and her body has to get used to that variation again and run it again. But in this way it is certain that his body does not have the positive meaning of a comfortable diet.

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Variation: Is it necessary or unnecessary?

It’s not bad to see that you have to have something in your diet. “You should not follow it too strictly, always spend half an hour, but it is important for your body to regain energy through nutrition,” says Calvert. “Intuitive diet, which is becoming popular now, is a good sign of this. Every 2 or 3 hours your body needs that energy.

One trend that Calleweert has noticed recently is that people feel more pressure to eat a different diet. “Having time to cook is so exciting and hard, and yet many people always feel the pressure to try new things.” While she believes it is good to take health, she also feels the need to find balance with your mental health. : “Back to the basics is something that needs to be kept in mind there. Do not fail to prepare food as often as you like.”

Source: And ‘The World Today’

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