Fear that your GP will disappear

81% of Plus readers would fear for their health if their regular doctor was no longer around. This is evidenced by 1900 responses to the statement on PlusOnline. Many people don’t mind getting a different GP from time to time, as long as their regular doctor stays there as well.

Having your GP is seen as a great advantage. This is evidenced by the numerous responses to the statement ‘No more GP? I fear for my health!’. More than four out of five readers agree with this statement. Even reader Irma Tellon has experienced it firsthand: “I had a fever of up to A score of 38.5, which is a high score for me. An acting doctor didn’t send me, so I had to stay in hospital for six weeks and almost died. I’m afraid not having a permanent GP (practice) will add to this kind of disturbing miscalculation.

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But if we’re honest: Your GP who knows your entire family well, and who’s available day and night? That image no longer corresponds to daily practice. GPs often work in large, rotating health centres. This has consequences. Reader Kitty Mosman wrote: ‘I’ve had several GPs lately. The visit takes longer, because previous diseases must be reviewed. As a result, some things are sometimes overlooked. But there are also readers who have no problem getting help from different GPs or nurse practitioners.

Not a doctor at all

In some regions, the private GP has already been cancelled. For example, in sparsely populated areas where it is not possible to find a permanent GP, a replacement GP works a few half days a week. It is partially accessible via the screen. But the problem does not only affect Zeeland and the northern part of North Holland, as Denny Sean’s reaction shows: “We also don’t have our own GP. Our GP had to end his clinic last November due to illness, and we have always been happy with him. We don’t live in the countryside but in Gooi. Already registered with several GPs, but no one wants/cannot be with us there. We are 79 and 81 years old, and we’ve never experienced this before.

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Read more about GP deficiency here: https://www.plusonline.nl/gezondheid-en-medicijnen/stelling-geen-eigen-huisarts-meer-ik-vrees-voor-mijn-health

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