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Maggie Haberman’s book The Confidence Man. The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America ‘- comes out on October 4, but it already caused quite a stir before its release. News portal Axios has already been allowed to view the book and has published some photos of toilets that would discredit Trump.

Haberman said he received the photos from a source in the White House during Trump’s presidency. The photos show handwritten notes torn up and floating in the toilet bowl. It is impossible to know what the documents refer to and who wrote them. According to the journalist, the photo was to be taken in the toilet of the White House. The other shot is said to be taken from Air Force One during a foreign trip by the 45th US president.

Trump denied the allegations in a reply to Axios. According to a spokesperson for the former president, the reports are completely fabricated.

On Monday, investigators searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago vacation home in Florida and Never seen before, says US reporter Greet de Keyser. According to US media, the raid is part of an investigation into how Trump handled official documents during his presidency and after he left the White House.

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